Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Brother Bear

So our little Porter is the big 1 year old today. He is so amazing. I am not sure I can type what he is. He is such a boy. He snuggles me and I never had that with Peyton and oh how I love it. He is such a mommies boy. He clings to me and always wants me to hold him. If I am not holding him, he is at my legs crying and screaming to be picked up. Makes some days long. But wait...he's 1 already. I need to go pick him up and tell him to stop growing. He loves to laugh and just has the sweetest little deep laugh. His sister makes him laugh the hardest. Oh how he adores her with every ounce of his little soul. He some times will just run around laughing at nothing. I just love that. I love how he says ah oh. It's probably one of my favorite things right now in my life. I don't know how that little guy just fits so perfectly in to our little family. Life was so good before him, but now....now, life is complete and perfect. He makes me want to pinch his cheeks and kiss his head and oh how I am going to miss this baby. Cause today he is a big 1 year old.
Porter, you are my love, my sweet boy, my constant lover in my life, my snuggle bug, my brother bear and my perfect son. You have blessed me this year with your presence and with your unconditional love. I am so glad to be your mom and you are always going to be my little man. Please for me...don't grow up too fast. I am already crying that you're not a baby any more. Happy Birthday sweet sweet Porter! I love you!

Just a little visit back to when he was tiny. Oh he was cute.


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