Monday, March 14, 2011

A boy day

Today has been filled with everything boy. We have a MAJOR water problem in our backyard. It's so wet from all the rain and us being on a hill. We have a waterfall going down our back rock wall. It's so bad that it's standing water in our yard. Anyone want to come fix it for us??? I hate not being able to use our backyard.
That being said a guy from EWEB (eugene water and electric board) came to take a look at things to see if their is anything they can do on there end. NOPE So anyways...he showed up in the morning,the kids and I headed out side. Jammies and boots...oh yeah. Porter loves the mud...that is until he fell face first into it. Got a bloody lip and was covered in mud. He cried for a few seconds then started stomping in the mud again. So what does every perfect Mom do....I went and grabbed my camera because it was funny. =) So we stomped in the mud for awhile. Then it was bath time. So after bath I let the little guy run around naked...he loves it. I'm thankful for hard wood floors. I just said..."Porter...please don't pee on my rug or down the vent" So he's playing with his legos, building things...of course right over the vent...and yep...he peed down it. Oh man is all I can say. I also have caught the biggest spider I have ever seen in my house. Then we decided to get dressed and go downstairs to play so I could sort, fold and do laundry. All 6 loads I have today. yuck by the way. As I am loading the laundry Porter is coloring all over himself with his sisters markers that I had NO idea were in his reach. So now he is all colored and taking a nap. I didn't even try to get off the non washable markers. So here is a few photos of Porter in the mud. Even muddy he is so handsome. =)


Janet March 14, 2011 at 5:52 PM  

Oh my goodness he is so cute and he looks all boy......What a great time you let your little guy have. I just had to laugh.

Love you

Lynn C. March 14, 2011 at 6:38 PM  

I love it! So cute! We had a similar event this weekend when Gavin filled my plant holes in the yard with water from the hose and made giant mud pools. Boys are great! :)

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